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A company with R&D capability and manufacturing facilities to supply proprietary oilfield chemicals to local and international markets.

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Established in the year 2016, we, JVK RESOURCES PTE LTD., is a subsidiary of Hextar Holding Sdn. Bhd., Hextar has 35 years of Chemical Distribution and manufacturing experience. Hextar is ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 company. JVK is with R&D capability and manufacturing facilities to supply proprietary oilfield chemicals to local and international markets.

Key Technology:-

  • Nano Emulsion Technology application in Oilfield Industry.
  • Drilling Fluids additives.
  • Production Chemicals.
  • Production Enhancement Chemicals.
  • R&D Capability.
  • Key focus in Nano emulsion technology for enhance oil recovery, wellbore clean-up, pipeline cleaning, bio degreaser in storage tank cleaning, gas dehydration units etc.
  • Proprietary products to supply to local and international market.

We are also a Service Provider of a range of Engineering Solution in the field of Oil Industries offered at best prices. Our products are used for removing oil, dust, dirt, grease and sterilizing from heavy oil contaminated parts. Owing to the exceptional features of the products like eco-friendly and bio-friendly nature, our products are widely preferred by several industries such as the Oil and Gas industries, Oil Tank Cleaning Industries.

Our Products


We have successfully commercialized their proprietary product in various oil fields in Malaysia. The Nano Emulsion is presently being used to enhance the recovery of oil in matured oil field. This process is referred to as Oil Well Rejuvenation (EOR, Enhance Oil Recovery).
In addition, our Proprietary Product & Contractual capabilities include Specialty crude Oil Tank Cleaning and Recovery of oil from the tank bottom and oil sludge. Utilising our technologies, we are able to reduce the Viscosity of sludge oil thereby enabling easy pumping and transportation of this sludge oil. JVK Resources Pte Ltd is a Singapore Based Company and we hold the Distribution Rights to market the product in Singapore and Indian continent.


  • JVK Clean 100 is an environmentally friendly, biodegradable and low toxicity multipurpose cleaner.
  • JVK Clean100 is formulated based on renewable chemistry specifically for reducing interfacial tension, near wellbore treatment, removal of organic scale dispersant/ dissolver, and wax.
  • JVK Clean 100 can be incorporated with fresh and seawater or acids and alkaline.


  • Biodegradable and environmentally friendly; No recognized carcinogens.
  • Formulated from 100% renewable natural raw materials; Tolerate with fresh and sea water.
  • Neutral pH and non-corrosive.
  • Phosphate, caustic, silicate and sulphate free formulation.


Dilute JVK Clean 100 according to the recommended working concentration based on the degree of contamination. JVK Clean 100 clean contaminant immediately and the surface can be rinsed with water right after the detergent solution without soaking of the surface into detergent solution. The cleaner can be applied to the soiled surface using the common washing tools such as pressure washer, brush, sponge, mop and etc when necessary.


  • JVK Clean 130 is a concentrated single phase nano-emulsion product.
  • JVK Clean 130 is special formulated for improving oil flowability, oil removal from contaminated surfaces, and effective grease, wax dispersant.
  • JVK Clean 130 can mix with acid, strong alkaline, viscosifier, and solvent for effective cleaning when needed.


  • Biodegradable and environmentally friendly.
  • No recognized carcinogens; Formulated from 100% renewable raw materials; Rapid wetting and effective penetration into grease and oil stain.
  • Neutral pH and not corrosive.
  • Phosphate, caustic, silicate and sulphate free formulation.


JVK Clean 130 can be used as neat or diluted with solvent as carrier. Recommendation working concentration of JVK Clean 130 in carrier solvent is 1% to 20%. Carrier solvent can be kerosene, base oil, slop oil, waste oil, heavy fuel oil or any hydrocarbons and alcohol. Soaking or direct cleaning with pressure can be done.

When using aqueous base as carrier solvent, the recommended working concentration is 5% to 50%. Phase separation or cloudy emulsion may observe when using aqueous base carrier, such as fresh water, sea water, recycle water and etc. When using aqueous base carrier, it is advice to blend, mix or stir and continue provide turbulent when cleaning. Soaking is not recommended when using aqueous base carrier.


Nano-emulsion with capability to reduce interfacial tension, promotes water-wet surfaces, and agglomerate long chain paraffin wax and/or asphaltene.

Our Distributors


Chematrol.co is the authorised distributor of JVK resources oil and gas products in Egypt.

All request from Egypt must be through Chematrol.co.

   11, Ismailiah-Suez Road, Al Ismailiah, Egypt.

Production Chemicals

Trade Name Description
WaxFlow Pour point depressant
N-Break Demulsifier
Oildrop Deoiler
CorrGuard Corrosion inhibitor
GasGuard H2S scavenger
FoaChematrolreak Defoamer
Scalebreak Scale inhibitor
Scalebreak Scale remover
WellGuard 3 in 1 mixture of CI, biocide and oxygen scavenger

Well Rejuvenation

Trade Name Description
WellClean Wellbore cleaning chemicals
WellGuard Corrosion inhibitors
Wellgel Spacer chemicals
Wellflow Push pails
Wellwash Displacement chemicals


Trade Name Description
N-Clean Nanoemulsion based biodegradable degreaser
N-Wash Wax and greaser remover

Oil Tank Cleaning

Trade Name Description
K-Clean Oil tank cleaning chemicals
K-Wash Sludge breakers

Slop Waste & Sludge Treatment

Trade Name Description
S-Clean Nanoemulsion slop waste and sludge treatment chemicals
S-Wash Wax and greaser remover

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